Barratt Homes choose to ignore own policies in hypocritical bid to cheat Stoke-on-Trent

Yesterday, a Meadow Lane resident pointed out that the Barratt planning application didn’t quite live up their own policies.  As incredible as it seems, this adds another interesting twist to the extraordinary Meadow Lane planning application.  Below we’ve reproduced the residents note sent to Barratt.

The proposals to build 276 houses on the Greenfield site off Meadow Lane Trentham Stoke-on-Trent, are totally contrary to the published Barratt Sustainability Report 2014.

The land you wish to build on is inconsistent with your sustainability arguments. Your Transport plan lists a plethora of reasons why the proposal meets the criteria for Providing for Journeys on foot 2000.  The problem is that most of them are flawed. The only school alluded to is full.  All of the other schools mentioned are outside the catchment area or over the walking distance set out in the guidance.  The nurserys you mention are in Wigan which is only 92 km from the site!!  The infrequent bus service, and long distance required to walk to the bus stop all support the case that your transport plan is just not sustainable.  The only alternative is the use of motor vehicles which is exactly what a sustainable plan is trying to eradicate.  There is only one way in and out of the estate, and with no plans to provide an alternative that will be one entrance and exit for almost 650 houses.  How can that be sustainable?

The current 30 acre field of which the majority is, according to the environment agency a level 3 flood plain, is the home for a multitude of flora and fauna.  How would building 276 houses enhance the area.  Quite the opposite it would destroy the habitat for the existing wildlife.

Your report proudly boasts that that you have a Biodiversity Action Plan for all new developments. But you’ve chosen not to do one for this site and instead there is a rather weak biodiversity report from TEP which falls well short of your own requirements, let alone that of a professional planning application.  The conclusions to the TEP report set out a list of things that may or may not need doing should the application be granted.  That’s hardly a plan.  A Plan is a commitment with a list of steps, timing and resources to be used to achieve an objective, not a wish list of might’s and maybes…. and importantly, is a mandatory commitment in a full planing approval .

You really need to review your work, and withdraw the application before you are laughed out of the planning meeting”

For readers entertainment, click on the links below to find out where the nurseries are located that Barratt Homes so helpfully suggest we should send our children to.  Anyone for a school run?

Langtree Hall Children’s Nursery,

Wood Fold Fledglings Pre-School,

Mrs Ogden’s Academic Day Nursery.


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