Cynical ploy to deceive Stoke-on-Trent residents

As part of any planning application of this type, the developer is required to consult with those affected and take into account their views and opinions in their application.  It’s also, you would have thought, good practice to be honest and transparent with the people you’d like to support your application.

Last summer, Barratt Homes invited residents to an “exhibition” with the opportunity to provide feedback about the proposed development and promised to publish the feedback and keep everyone informed via a dedicated website.

However, Barratt Homes seem to have had other motives for the “consultation” exercise and despite promising residents that they would be kept informed, Barratt Homes have deceived residents and betrayed their trust.  As of the time of writing on 20th February 2015, according to their website,No application has yet been submitted to the Council and the plans are still in the early stages.

However Barratt Homes also state in their official planning application document “Statement of Community Involvement October 2014” that;

“7.1  Barratt Homes remain committed to consultation with local residents and will continue to ensure that residents are kept informed throughout the planning process.

7.2  The website remains live and will be updated as the project progresses”

I’d ask readers to compare the statement from Barratt’s official document above, to the actual website sighted in that document.

Screenshot_20_02_2015_10_59Is this further evidence of a cynical ploy to avoid objections by misleading residents or just incredible incompetence.  Either way, it beggars belief and shows that they can not be trusted.   I invite council Planning Officers to look into this further.


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