The incredible Barratt traffic scam

I’m astonished that Barratt Homes have lowered themselves to such depths in the name of corporate greed.  You may need to read this a few times before the enormity of it sinks in. Here we go….

One of the big issues standing in the way of planning permission is that of the affected junctions on Longton Road.  So, to brush over inconvenient facts, Barratt Homes have surpassed themselves. There are numerous issues with Barratt’s report, but the biggest whopper stands out from the rest; the misrepresentation of traffic data.

They claim that in 2025 and after accounting for 10 years of traffic growth + traffic growth from the known substantial developments in the area, that there will be significantly less traffic on Longton Road than there is today!   Yes, that’s right, they claim there will be less traffic in the area in 2025 than there is today!

On behalf of residents, the Keep Our Meadow Green committee commissioned a specialist report to pick over this astonishing revelation. Is it true? Is traffic set to decrease by about 50% in the next 10 years? Surely not?


Our expert happens to have a wealth of knowledge of traffic in the area due to carrying out the Barlaston Old Road upgrade and here’s a few quotes from his report.

“The differences in the modelling results are, quite frankly, astonishing.”

 “The traffic counts used are, at best misleading and therefore invalidate all of the capacity work that has been undertaken”

I’m sure readers will enjoy the full report as posted on the Council Planning site dated 12th Feb 2015, 3rd Party Reps, Mr J PARKER.

Please do feel free to post further comments and objections to the council.


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