Update 9th April 2015

Planning application

The Planning Application process is now set to drag-on beyond the elections and although the Council will not confirm a date for the hearing, it’s most likely to be scheduled for sometime in June.

Planning Officers have been considering points raised in the numerous objections and we believe that Officers will recommend that planning permission is refused.  However, Barratt Homes and their associates are also busy, attempting by hook or by crook to patch over the numerous issues with their application to convince Officers to recommend approval or at least to give themselves a fighting chance with an appeal if planning permission is refused by the Council.

Barratt Homes are brazen enough, to not only have submitted a Full Planning Application rife with misrepresentation and in some cases, lies, but their “corrections” and “rebuttals” to objections also appear to continue their policy to mis-lead, misrepresent and brush over inconvenient facts.  It is astonishing that this behaviour is accepted.

Objection campaign needs your support

It’s really important that everyone registers an objection.

  • if you’ve not yet submitted an objection, you still can or;
  • if you have already submitted an objection, then given the extent and amount of information now available showing just how bad this scheme is, please do submit another comment or letter to the council.  The more the merrier!

Sign Posts

If you’ve been on the estate recently you will have seen the Objection Sign Posts popping up all over.  The first batch is sold out, but due to demand, we’re commissioning more.

Inbox_—_iCloud IMG_0645_JPG Inbox_—_iCloud Inbox_—_iCloud

Green signs popping up everywhere.

Green signs popping up everywhere.

Get behind the campaign. Get a sign…only £15 each  email  info@keepourmeadowgreen.org

Traffic survey

There is interesting news on the contractors for the recent traffic survey.  They have finally replied to our letters and email regarding their dubious activity.  It seems that although they are registered with the ICO, they are not familiar with their obligations for use of CCTV to record traffic nor are they familiar with the Data Protection Act and incredibly, they have actually provided written evidence saying they won’t provide any footage as required under the guidance and they argue that what they did was within the guidelines.  So thanks to the contractors themselves, we can now put an official complaint into the ICO who have already said they’ve almost certainly breached the guidelines.

Barratt Homes to ruin lives

The greed of Barratt Homes is set to ruin the lives of residents, but for some the prospect is devastating.   Check out the video below.  Anyone thinking of buying a house on the Meadow will be  responsible for this….


With a good day of rain recently, the meadow showed us its ability to flood with surface water and for the Newstead Brook to rise towards the top of its banks.  This is only one day of rain and without the runoff from the Meadow itself or the Stanley Matthews Way development.  I’d not like to buy a house on the meadow!!!!

Typical surface water showing on top of the grass.

Typical surface water on top of the grass. This takes days to drain. See for yourself!

Buying a Barratt Home on the Meadow.  You'll need Wellies!

Buying a Barratt Home on the Meadow. You’ll need Wellies!

Another inconvenient fact.  The Newstead Brook near the top of its bank after just one days rain.

Another inconvenient fact. The Newstead Brook near the top of its bank after just one days rain.


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