Application Update 28th May 2015

With things settling down at the council after the elections, we expect the application to move forward to the only reasonable conclusion….  that there is absolutely no case to justify Barratt Homes destroying the meadow and our community.

Transparency from the City Council has been somewhat lacking regarding this application, however we believe from our re-elected and newly appointed councillors, Terry Follows & Daniel Jellyman who attended our committee meeting last night that things will change.  We also understand that Barratt Homes have requested an indefinite extension to the application, which we assume is in a desperate attempt to magic up a credible argument despite all of the inconvenient facts against it.

However, the long overdue meeting between planning officers, councillors and the KOMG residents committee is now pencilled in for the 11th June.  There is quite a list of questions to put to the council and we’ll publish all of the questions and answers soon after the meeting, so watch this space.

The number of residences objecting to the application continues to grow and over 70% of households on the Meadow Lane estate have sent in objection letters and hundreds of residents on adjacent estates also objecting.   This is heading to be one of the biggest planning objection campaigns to a new development in the City of Stoke-on-Trent that there has ever been!

Please join in, object today!

Local Schools

One of the most common complaints we get, is that of the lack of local school places.  Many residents are already having to send children to schools far and wide due to lack of places at local schools.   If you are affected and your child could not get into the nearest local school in Trentham, please drop us a line at   We’re gathering this information for planning officers to help them understand the extent of the problem we already face, let alone how it will go from bad to worse if this development goes ahead.  If you are affected, please invest a few minutes to let us know.


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