Application Update 12th June 2015

Meeting with Principle Planning Officer

Yesterday, members of the Keep Our Meadow Green residents committee met with Principle Planning Officer Tom Coates at the Civic Offices.  Key news we can share from the meeting is;

  • Barratt Homes have officially asked for an extension for their application.  This has been granted and will expire at the end of July.  It is most likely that the application will go to committee for determination in August.  The list of objections is so large that a special committee meeting may have to be convened to review the application.
  • We are expecting Barratt Homes and their co-conspirators to submit a revised application soon in an attempt to rectify the numerous issues in their previous efforts.  However irrespective of the date of Barratt’s submission, we will be allowed at least three weeks to review and comment.
  • We voiced our concern about the lack of communication and updates from the council about the applications progress.  Tom agreed that he will keep our residents committee updated and we of course will post that news on this website.
  • The top issue with the application is the road traffic safety issue on the Meadow Lane Junction and Longton Road.  Without an absolute guarantee that Barratt Homes can deliver a safe redesign of the junction, officers will have to recommend that the application is rejected.
    • The key issue is that the only way to redesign the junction so that it has any chance of being safe, is that the Longton-side entrance to the BP Garage will be made entry-only, thereby preventing entrance to a new junction from the garage.  This will have a knock on effect of also closing the gap in the centre of the road to prevent cars exiting the Trentham side and crossing the road to go right.  Also then having a No U-Turn restriction against the Brough Lane junction.
    • So…. the BP Garage would have to agree to this voluntarily and to the significant loss of business they will incur and the proposed changes would have to also pass planning approval, demonstrating that these changes make sense, which of course they don’t.  Not only will the garage lose business but anyone who used to use the garage and then take one of the two exits to go right, would under the new design have to either travel to the Trentham roundabout to come back up, or will have to go down to the Nat West, turn left and use the rat run to come back up into Longton Road.  In essence it is very unlikely that Barratt Homes would be able to pull this particular rabbit out of the hat!
  • We had many more questions, however answers to those will have to wait until Barratt Homes submit their next instalment of Jackanory.  As it stands today, Officers would have to recommend that the application is refused!

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