Application Update 30th August

This week, members of the KOMG committee, met Councillors Jellyman and Follows, and planning officer Tom Coates at the Civic Offices to discuss the status of Barratt Homes planning application.

Planning Committee delayed until October

Due to the attempted deception in Barratt Homes documents highlighted by the KOMG committee, the Council have now commissioned their own Transport Assessment to get an independent view of the extent of the deceit.  We are confident that if the new report uses the actual topography of the junction and discards the influence of the Barratt Homes ‘magical road widening and queue shortening fairies’, then the true extent of transport problems will be revealed, leaving only one option… to reject the application.

Unfortunately this now causes another delay, and the application won’t go before the Planning Committee for determination until mid October at the earliest.  However, due to the complexity of the application we believe that we will get a special session to enable sufficient time for the case to be properly considered and for us to highlight in public, those inconvenient little facts, the cause of so much embarrassment for Barratt Homes!

We’re all looking forward to reading the new independent Traffic Assessment which will be ready in about three weeks.


Keep Our Meadow Green Committee amended objection

Local residents highlight the unreliability of information and data, omissions and  misrepresentation contained in Barratt Homes reports critical to the planning application and call for these discredited documents to be dismissed from the planning application process.

Read the committee’s official amended objections, submitted to the Council on August 21st.  KOMG Amended Objection August15-2 Web

Barratt Homes confirm they can’t be trusted!

note: There are a number of parties working for Barratt Homes, so for ease of reading I refer to all of them as Barratt Homes, as Barratt have commissioned/endorsed their work in support of the application.

When Barratt Homes submitted their latest amendments, we were looking forward to a new design for the application site and for Barratt Homes to take the opportunity to come clean with an honest representation to enable a fair and sensible debate.

Although they’ve come up with a much better site layout, disappointingly Barratt Homes and their co-conspiritors have stayed true to form.

It is my perception that Barratt Homes may have gone through the process of gathering the facts, doing the various calculations and projections needed to support their application, then when they found this caused substantial problems for them ( using the real facts ), they chose to simply make it up!

In Barratt Homes latest proposals for 245 houses, they have inadvertently supplied evidence themselves that it simply won’t work!  Adding insult to injury, they are even arrogant and dismissive enough of due process that they’ve put a disclaimer in their latest submission stating that they “do not take any responsibility for its accuracy”!   Unbelievable I hear you say!!!…. Continue reading

Sunday 9th August 10:00 – The Sentinel

Fantastic turnout

The Meadow Lane community, galvanised by the underhand misrepresentations of Barratt Homes, turn out in force to meet the Sentinel on Sunday morning.

Click here for the Sentinel Article


Orignal post:

Support the campaign to stop Barratt Homes with The Sentinel outside 140 Chessington Crescent at 10:00 on Sunday 9th August.  The Sentinel have asked to meet residents and take a group photo of campaigners by the meadow. Please come along to support the action against Barratt Homes and their decietful planning application.

Helpful guide to buying a Barratt Home at Meadow Lane


Yesterday, Barratt Homes, kindly drew attention from far and wide to their planning application for Meadow Lane Trentham.  Their leaflet was somewhat misleading ( as usual ), so just to be helpful we thought we’d fill in the gaps as to what anyone buying a house there will be party to.

  • Irreversible Destruction of a historical heritage site.
  • Destruction of a canal corridor conservation site ( yes the whole site is a designated conservation area )
  • Killing very old mature trees just to fit in more houses.
  • Destruction of established and natural wildlife habitat.
  • Significantly reduced safety for pedestrians and vehicles, particularly at their laughable design for the Longton Road / Meadow Lane Junction
  • Endorsement of Barratt Homes disgraceful illegitimate practices, cynical misrepresentation, deceit and downright lies used throughout the planning process.  For plenty of evidence, just check out this site and the councils planning site, its all there in black and white.  It appears from a plethora of sources that this isn’t unusual for Barratts.

Those buying a house can also look forward to Continue reading

Open meeting – 12th August

To keep everyone informed and to take further suggestions from local residents, your Keep Our Meadow Green Residents Committee have booked the canteen area of Trentham High School for an open meeting.

Please do come along to learn more of whats going on and to show your support for the fight against this ridiculous planning application from Barratt Homes.

 Canteen area

Trentham High School

Wednesday 12th August at 7pm. 

See you there….