Open meeting – 12th August

To keep everyone informed and to take further suggestions from local residents, your Keep Our Meadow Green Residents Committee have booked the canteen area of Trentham High School for an open meeting.

Please do come along to learn more of whats going on and to show your support for the fight against this ridiculous planning application from Barratt Homes.

 Canteen area

Trentham High School

Wednesday 12th August at 7pm. 

See you there….


3 thoughts on “Open meeting – 12th August

  1. I may not have returned from holiday by then but offer the following comments
    1. I have objected to the revised traffic plan
    2. I have drawn attention to the missing planographic finances ( council tax income but no offset expenditure!)
    3. I have drawn to the attention of Terry Follows the content of the flier leaflet from Barratts received this week. It smacks of unethical and devious activity. For example the request to return an expression of interest by 21 August suggests the results could be used in the planning meeting discussions !

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  2. I was furious to find this leaflet through my door on Friday of last week. It is pretty obvious that they intend to present a number of interested purchasers to the planning meeting to support their case. However, it also suggests that they are assuming they already have the planning permission Is this possibly true & we are being kept in the dark about it?
    The proposed change to the access road is not only inadequate it is a potential death trap and accident spot waiting to happen. God help us all & protect us from these corrupt corporations who think they can just walk all over Joe Public, they are assuming we are all stupid.

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    • Janet, planning permission is far from a done deal and their application is full of holes. Barratt Homes are clearly desperate and grasping at straws. However I think the leaflet drop has backfired! Come along to the meeting on Wednesday 12th to hear more.


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