Sunday 9th August 10:00 – The Sentinel

Fantastic turnout

The Meadow Lane community, galvanised by the underhand misrepresentations of Barratt Homes, turn out in force to meet the Sentinel on Sunday morning.

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Orignal post:

Support the campaign to stop Barratt Homes with The Sentinel outside 140 Chessington Crescent at 10:00 on Sunday 9th August.  The Sentinel have asked to meet residents and take a group photo of campaigners by the meadow. Please come along to support the action against Barratt Homes and their decietful planning application.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 9th August 10:00 – The Sentinel

  1. In the Barratt response to the criticism surrounding their leaflet they comment about the bed for affordable homes for first time buyers. If so, why are so many homes 3 bedrooms or more? Where are the price indicators for affordability ? S usual,Barretts are disingenuous !

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  2. It’s not just Barratt homes that need to be watched. It appears that some of our wonderful planning officers are fairly easily ‘persuaded’ by well financed developers, and the planning committee itself tends to be largely ignorant of planning policy and leaves technical details to officers. Just look around at some of the developments that have been allowed in the area…..


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