Application Update 30th August

This week, members of the KOMG committee, met Councillors Jellyman and Follows, and planning officer Tom Coates at the Civic Offices to discuss the status of Barratt Homes planning application.

Planning Committee delayed until October

Due to the attempted deception in Barratt Homes documents highlighted by the KOMG committee, the Council have now commissioned their own Transport Assessment to get an independent view of the extent of the deceit.  We are confident that if the new report uses the actual topography of the junction and discards the influence of the Barratt Homes ‘magical road widening and queue shortening fairies’, then the true extent of transport problems will be revealed, leaving only one option… to reject the application.

Unfortunately this now causes another delay, and the application won’t go before the Planning Committee for determination until mid October at the earliest.  However, due to the complexity of the application we believe that we will get a special session to enable sufficient time for the case to be properly considered and for us to highlight in public, those inconvenient little facts, the cause of so much embarrassment for Barratt Homes!

We’re all looking forward to reading the new independent Traffic Assessment which will be ready in about three weeks.


2 thoughts on “Application Update 30th August

  1. I accept that the Council must not be subjected to criticism. However I find it disappointing that we the Council Tax payers now have to pay for a Consultancy due to the proven indadequacies of the Barratt application. Do they pay the bill?!


  2. I’m afraid that taxpayers of Stoke-on-Trent have to unnecessarily pick up the bill. However Barratt Homes should have already paid the Council circa £45,000 to apply with the original plans.


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