Application Update 17th November

I can report to residents that Barratt Homes did eventually send over a copy of the draft minutes of the meeting we held with them as mentioned in the update of November 13th.

I’m afraid yet again, it appears that Barratt Homes are not playing with a straight bat and we feel that we can not publish the draft they sent over.  We have today sent a reply to Barratt Homes which is set out below.

Email to Barratt Homes

“Thank you for the draft of the Minutes that reflect your opinion of the content of the meeting.

Given your stated preference to work with matters of fact, we are surprised and saddened by the actions of Barratt Homes. The draft Minutes, whilst having some content that we recognise as genuine, on the whole does not provide a true or accurate record of the discussion of topics at the 2.5 hour meeting.

Exacerbating our disappointment further, Barratt Homes show disregard and disrespect of the views of KOMG representatives (PC, KH, RM, [KOMG]). Other than your summaries of Q13 & Q14, all records of our contribution to the meeting have been deleted from the draft Minutes. It is with disbelief that we also note Barratt Homes have added into the daft Minutes, content that was not presented/stated/discussed during the meeting.

A commitment was made to us in the meeting that investigation would be made into a number of contentious issues which were raised by KOMG during the meeting and to get back to us. We note there is no record of any of these points in the draft Minutes.

KOMG do have an accurate verbatim record of the discussions at the meeting to which we have compared your draft Minutes and we therefore disappointingly CANNOT ACCEPT them as a TRUE or ACCURATE or REASONABLE or a FAIR record or summary of the meeting. Consequently, due to lack of mutual agreement/missing key facts we will bring out all salient points as part of the committee hearing.

If you propose to publish these draft Minutes, to avoid misrepresentation of the views of KOMG, Barratt Homes should add the following quote to the Minutes in a prominent position;

“KOMG do not recognise these Minutes as a true or accurate representation of the meeting or of its content”

Based on commitment given to us, we have acted in good faith, waiting patiently for these Minutes and expecting Barratt Homes to act with honesty and integrity. Our trust in Barratt Homes was mis-placed and given the extent of the issues highlighted above, we do not feel there is any merit in continuing the dialogue on this matter any further.”



4 thoughts on “Application Update 17th November

    • Thats a good thought and something we’ll consider at the right time. It was absolutely clear at the meeting that their motives are solely based on greed and they have only a wafer thin veneer of regard for the impact of their development on the local community, the environment or anything else they they claim to care about. What was a surprise to us is that they also have the same disregard for anyone who might buy one of their houses on the development. In their words…. they “only care about the technicalities of the application” and as we can see from their continued attempts to cheat at the cost of road traffic safety and sustainability I’m not even sure they ‘care’ about the ‘technicalities’, most of which are rather inconvenient to them!

      Lets keep up the fight!


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