Application Update 28th November

Updated 1st Dec; Don’t hold your breath re the planning meeting, it’s now looking like February 2016…. sigh!!!!


All has gone quiet at the planning department and it now looks as though it’s too late for the planning meeting to go ahead on the 9th December.

The council have removed the planning date of the 9th and changed the status to “Not Available”.

So… as soon as we know more we’ll let everyone know, but it looks as though the hearing may now not go ahead until January 2016.


Barratt Homes have made such a hash of the whole application, we’d have thought it fair and reasonable if their application had been thrown out a long time ago.  However each time they get found out trying to cheat, they drag their feet and then they are allowed another attempt to cheat the planning process again.  It beggars belief that they have been allowed to drag this out for a whole year!

However I’m happy to disclose to residents that the result of our traffic count survey at the Meadow Lane junction, backs up the councils own views and provides solid evidence of what we already know ( and Barratt Homes have tried to cover up ) ….   That junction is severely impacted by slow traffic in peak hours due to the Stanley Matthews traffic lights.  This means that because of the slow traffic and dysfunctional junction on Longton Road, the courteous drivers in Trentham let people out of / into Meadow Lane.  The only two occasions during the week long survey when the traffic flow was anywhere near what could be called ‘normal’ on Longton Road, the queues on Meadow Lane were at least 19 vehicles deep and were so long  that the tail of the queues went out of sight of the observers!

So there we have it… exactly what Barratt Homes don’t want to reveal… more solid evidence supporting the council recommendation to refuse the application on road traffic safety grounds!




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