More Barratt Homes entertainment

Ho Ho Ho

We have Barratt Homes to thank for inspiring an outbreak of creativity in Trentham this Christmas.   Take a look below a little light hearted fun forwarded by a Trentham resident.  It seems that Rudolf is giving those misrepresenting pesky Barratt Gnomes what they deserve for Christmas.



Barratt Homes provide more side splitting entertainment

Remember Barratt Homes leaflet campaign in the summer?  Well, sit down for this one….  Incredibly they’ve published the responses, but… as you’d expect they’ve misrepresented the facts yet again, and have been so naughty with the figures and spin, that Santa would be ashamed.

They claim that they had a “good level of response” and that this asserts  “that there is a need for new homes at the site”.     BUT…  they delivered leaflets to 17,082 houses but only 119 forms  were returned.

Thats right.. They claim that a response rate less than 0.7% is a good result for them and they conclude based on this figure that there is a need for new homes.  Personally, I would be too embarrassed to publish these dismal but not unexpected figures.  Oh, wait.. thats not all, to get these meagrely figures, they’ve not disappointed us and it looks as though they’ve mis-represented the facts again.

Quite a number of enraged residents had returned the forms with notes telling Barratt Homes that the development isn’t wanted or needed.”  There is no sign of this category of response in their report.  So, our conclusion is that they probably did get 119 forms returned in total, but not all of them were in favour and as they’ve deliberately hidden the actual numbers and used percentages in their report, we believe they’re attempting to cover up the actual facts.

I think we should help Barratt Homes out with some best practice facts so they can correct their report.  As they’ve not provided the actual figures we adjust their figures based on direct feedback to KOMG from residents.

Lets assume that their report has an actual positive response of 0.6%.   Then of those “leads” if we’re generous the potential conversion rate to actual serious prospects would be less than 5% of the 0.6%.  So this is the figure they should use to project actual serious interest.  This equates to potentially just 5 households from the 17,082, which is 0.03% who would be likely to be seriously interested in a house on the Meadow.


So to finish…..

a note to Barratt Homes for the festive season.

Dear Barratt Homes,

We do hope you will have an HONEST, TRUTHFUL and FACTUALLY ACCURATE Christmas and New Year.

From all at KOMG!


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