Application Update 13th Jan 16

Happy new year to everyone from us all here at KOMG.

Barratt Homes are finally realising that they may have bitten off more than they could chew when they set about scheming to use misleading information and to misrepresent facts and their own data with this application.

We have heard today that the application is still beset by delays so it will not go before a planning committee ‘anytime soon’.   Residents should take this as a positive thing, given that we know, that if Barratt Homes thought they had a good case, they’d be pressing for it to be determined forthwith.

So as things stand, it will not go before the planning committee in February and as we’ll be given opportunity to fully respond to any further fairy tales Barratt Homes produce before the hearing, it may well not be heard in March either.  For those unfamiliar with the planning process, this is starting to look like the Application has been found to be so bad that it may not actually get to a committee!  Wouldn’t that be a nice present for 2016!





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