Application Update 13 Mar 2016

So… the time has come and Barratt Homes have submitted an amended batch of application documents who’s purpose should be to openly and honestly address the issues in their application.

We should give them credit for the new site layout and reduction in number of houses as it’s now much better than the previous versions, and Longton Road is no longer as wide as the M6 in their transport assessment.  However at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I’m afraid, as appears to be their propensity ( evidenced by Barratt’s own documents ), they haven’t addressed the indisputable, undeniable factual problems with their application and the new documents even introduce more ‘Ahmmm’ errors!

But given that largely the same old issues remain with the application and in particular the junction of Longton Road failing even without the development, we still expect  Planning Officers to recommend refusal of the application.

To make sure we don’t miss anything, on behalf of residents we are again consulting experts on various aspects of the application.

We’re now looking forward to seeing a refusal at the Planning Meeting and the final rejection of this unwanted, unneeded development at the inevitable appeal!


3 thoughts on “Application Update 13 Mar 2016

  1. I really hope this is rejected again, I would love to view the proposed site map although expect there is little if any change to access onto Longton Road. However, for what ever reason am not able to get into the Stoke Planning application info on line.
    I shall still be objecting.


    • Previous objections will still be taken into account, however it’s always helpful to object specifically to the amended proposals, particularly if you object with a personalised note rather than the pro-forma. Yet again, there is a substantial amount of mis-representation in Barratt’s latest documents to go at for an objection and particularly around road traffic safety.


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