Application Update 11 Sept 2016

There hasn’t really been anything to update residents about recently as months have come and gone and we’re still awaiting a hearing date from Council Planning Officers.

However, Barratt Homes in their wisdom have sent a few more nice graphics along with more astonishing misrepresentations to the council and these can be seen on the council planning website.   What is quite so astonishing is that despite Barratt Homes knowing the facts, like 1 kilometre is ahem, 1 kilometre and that residents don’t generally use air transport to make line of sight journeys to and from local amenities, they still persist in writing up glossy materials that bend the truth into what can only be described as knowing-misrepresentation.

In their latest documents, they have also had to reduce the number of houses again, this time down to 227.  Also interesting is what is missing from their documents when compared to their earlier attempts to deceive readers.  So it seems that there is a point even they appear too embarrassed to go beyond.

None of the latest documents change the key points a Planning decision will be made on, but they do make entertaining reading, particularly if you actually compare what they say and how they make calculations.  Just in way of a teaser, did you know that;

Barratt do a like for like housing density comparison with the south of Chessington Crescent.  They say that approximately 6.25 hectares of the meadow is developable land for new housing and that the average density south of Chessington is 42 per hectare ( this may or may not be true, but I doubt it ).  Anyway they go on to say that the average new house density on the meadow will be 20 per hectare.

BUT HANG ON A MINUTE!  Comparing the development areas directly and assuming that Barratt’s figure of 6.25 hectares is correct then my calculator shows that 227 houses divided by 6.25 hectares is an average of 36 houses per hectare, not 20!   They really do need to brush up on their maths!


Bullocks to Barratts


Residents have been delighted to see new born bullocks in the meadow, which we take as a good omen and a message chiming with our own!



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