Appeal update

Thank you to everyone in the area for your ongoing support.  We are sure everyone is keen to hear the outcome from this week’s hearing so here is a summary of the week….

1. The council’s highways expert gave his evidence and was cross examined by the appellants barrister.

2. Mr James Parker, Hub Transport Planning, the KOMG transport expert, gave evidence and was cross examined by the appellants barrister.

3. The council’s experts on both housing supply and their chief planning officer also gave evidence and were cross examined by the appellants barrister.

4. Keep Our Meadow Green members gave evidence on behalf of residents on the topics of sustainability, ecology, highway safety and construction traffic and were cross examined.

The cases for the Council and KOMG  were concluded and the Appellant started to present their own witnesses.  First up for the Appellant was ‘Affordable Housing’, although it is  both the view of KOMG and the Council that the topics of ‘Affordable Housing’ and ‘5 Year Land Supply’ are irrelevant to the Inquiry, and the only real issue is the provision of ‘Safe and Suitable Access for All’ ( the unsafe junction ‘improvement’ proposal ).

As the Inquiry has run over the allocated 4 days, the Inquiry has been  adjourned and will re-convene on the 21st and 22nd May 2019 when the appellant will present the rest of their case and will be cross-examined by Mr Cannock QC for the Council and where appropriate KOMG of course!

Following those two days, closing statements will be made from all sides. The Inspector then may take up to 10 weeks to review the case and make his decision.

We will keep you updated and urge you to attend the final two days to show your support.


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