Case proven! they cheated!

Knights submitted a complete list of drivel to the council in an effort to divert the Councils attention away from the new facts that have emerged since the appeal.

However in their hast to deny the facts, they inadvertently admitted in writing that their whole case for the capacity at the junction is based on “evidence” that they did not submit to the Inquiry, and ludicrously we actually have a copy of the discredited baseline evidence they cite in which they claim Meadow Lane is 28% narrower than it actually is.

In a month of Sundays, you really couldn’t make this lot up, could you?   But it seems that the developers creativity has no bounds and they actually did!

They have cheated and are putting lives at risk.  Our reply and it’s appendix is on the councils planning site, but feel free to download our letter here! KOMG AKNO Response 1.2


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