Work due to start – do your bit to safeguard vulnerable people on the estate

The evidence shows that Barratt Homes and their representatives have lied, cheated, misrepresented the facts and even claim that the laws of mathematics do not add up in their effort to gain planning permission. Had they been under oath with their evidence they would now be in prison for perjury! One can only wonder what dodgy dealings underpin their approach.

One also wonders how they can sleep at night knowing that in their greed, they are deliberately putting the users of the Meadow Lane/Longton Road junction in harms way, including the poor souls who will buy the new Barratt Boxes on the Meadow.

However it’s now time to move on and work together as a community to ensure that they stick within the law and the various agreements to protect life, property and the health & well being of residents they have entered into with the Council. Personally, I don’t believe they have any intention of sticking to the agreements so we as a community need to make sure that they do!

Sometime in the next 7-10 days they will start work on the junction itself, and the work, if it goes to plan will last around 7 weeks, causing huge amounts of disruption.

However, once the junction is operational again, they plan to destroy the Meadow.

Their plans for construction vehicles were drawn up with optimistic views of there being very few parked cars on the road and those that are, to be parked on the pavements, which will allow the huge construction vehicles to squeeze through. To be clear they are using a residential estate with only one access point for construction site access! This is highly unusual and unsafe.

The reality is that if you do park your car partially on the pavement anywhere in Chessington or Meadow Lane, then they will try to squeeze these HGVs past, weaving in and out, getting stuck, reversing etc. This is very worrying and is a common sight particularly on the corners of the estate. Parking on the pavement also causes an issue for anyone with mobility scooters, wheel chairs and impaired vision, forcing them onto the road which will soon put them in more danger, in the path of Barratts huge HGVs.

Therefore to prevent cars being damaged by HGVs and forcing vulnerable people into danger in the road, please do park your car legally, fully on the road. If there are other cars around, then just park adjacent, with enough room to let a fire engine/supermarket home deliver van through. Parking legally like this will simply prevent the larger HGVs from entering your road and will protect everyones property whilst safeguarding the life and limb of children and vulnerable people.

Take a deep breath, and lets act as a community to make sure Barratt Homes are held to account!