News event – Friday 15th May UPDATE

Thank you!

We’d like to thank everyone for supporting the news event this morning, and what a great turnout it was considering the short notice and Friday at 11am too!   No one turned up from Barratt Homes though, I wonder why 🙂


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Application Update 28th Feb 2015

Thanks to everyones efforts and objections to the mindless destruction of the Meadow, Barratt Homes are having to think again.   The end of March had originally been pencilled in for the application to go before the Planning Committee, however realising that permission would certainly be refused on numerous grounds, Barratt Homes have asked the Council to delay the decision by a number of months, but normally this extended period can’t run beyond 13 weeks of the application.

So, its likely to be around May/June when the application is put before the Planning Committee.   During this extended period, Barratt Homes will be attempting to plug some of the holes in their Continue reading

Application Update 17th Feb 2014

Friday February 13th saw the last day of objections prior to the application being considered for approval. Our local community has kept Council Officers busy with a deluge of objections.   Responses from Council Officers to the application also make very interesting reading too, as the majority object to the application as it stands.

The application has so many flaws, it is inconceivable that it will be approved the first time round.  At the time of writing there are at least 460+ objections to the somewhat ill-concived planning application.

Officers are now busy sifting through the documents and forming their response in detail for presentation to the Planning Committee.  The application was likely to go before the committee at the end of March but, with the sheer amount of objections and problems/omissions in the application, the date is likely to be pushed back.  As soon as a date is announced we’ll publish it here and spread the word via twitter and Facebook.