Application Update 26 Feb 16

It seems that time is running out for our friends at Barratt Homes, at least for the current phase of their application.  It is now well over 12 months since they put in their application   for the development and they have since attempted to put right ( cover up ) the long list of insurmountable problems in their application.  Just read through earlier posts to remind yourself of their dishonesty and lack of integrity.

Nevertheless, we understand that Barratt Homes are still scheming to pull the wool over everyones eyes and may well be putting in another amended application by the end of Feb!  So yet again we have many hours of entertainment to look forward to as we pull the new plan apart.    However, unless Barratt Homes have actually changed Longton Road into a three Lane motorway while we weren’t looking, their new plan will be just another attempt to pull a technical planning stunt to trick their way into getting the application granted.

So if they do indeed submit amended plans again, it will be a few more months before the planning committee can reject their application.   Then, almost certainly, Barratt Homes will appeal, knowing that their only chance of approval is if they have managed to trick council officers into making a technical error.

So.. watch this space.


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