Application Update 28th November

Updated 1st Dec; Don’t hold your breath re the planning meeting, it’s now looking like February 2016…. sigh!!!!


All has gone quiet at the planning department and it now looks as though it’s too late for the planning meeting to go ahead on the 9th December.

The council have removed the planning date of the 9th and changed the status to “Not Available”.

So… as soon as we know more we’ll let everyone know, but it looks as though the hearing may now not go ahead until January 2016.


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Application Update 17th November

I can report to residents that Barratt Homes did eventually send over a copy of the draft minutes of the meeting we held with them as mentioned in the update of November 13th.

I’m afraid yet again, it appears that Barratt Homes are not playing with a straight bat and we feel that we can not publish the draft they sent over.  We have today sent a reply to Barratt Homes which is set out below.

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Application Update 13th November

The planning committee date is pencilled in for 9th December 2015 at 10:00.  So hold that in your diaries as the more objectors there are at the hearing, the better.  We’ll put more information up on the website as it becomes available.   It’ll be a chance for residents to come face to face with the chaps from Barratt Homes and their Transport Advisors to hear how they are planning to widen Longton Road to the width of the M6 !!!!. That’ll be interesting!!!

As of the time of writing this update we’ve still not had the notes back from Barratt Homes from our meeting with them, so earlier in the week we wrote to them.  Our email is set out below and you’ll see from it that Barratt Homes have advised us that some of our comments are incorrect, although they haven’t said what they object to.  So we’ve offered to correct anything that’s factually/technically incorrect, but a review of our site leaves us guessing, as the facts are usually quoted from their own documents.  We also trust that Barratt Homes will correct ALL of the incorrect data and comments in their documents too, most of which are highlighted on this site and should be highlighted  in those delayed minutes when they eventually see the light of day.

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