When is a metre not a metre? When it supports a Barratt Homes planning application!

Eagled eyed residents recently spotted a new document from “pba”, one of Barratt Homes’ associates.   The new document added to the councils planning website on March 19th titled “ADDENDUM NOTE – CORRECTION TO PLANNING STATEMENT” purports to correct previous errors in the planning application regarding the distances to nurseries from the site.  However, the “corrected” distances are in-fact “incorrect”.  Readers familiar with the tactics of Barratt Homes and their associates will not be surprised by this. Continue reading


Update on the Green, Sun March 29th

On Sunday March 29th, we’ll be on the Chessington Crescent Green.  Drop in between 10am and 4pm to get a first hand update from Keep Our Meadow Green committee members.

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If you’d like to get behind the cause to oppose the development, you can publicly show your support in the way of car stickers and badges.  The stickers are cling-on so if you have a car or not, you can pop one in your living room window to show we’re all against this ill-thought out plan to destroy the Meadow.  I’ll be getting a few of them and the money raised will go towards the fighting fund.

Everyone is welcome, and if you’ve not already had chance to donate to the cause, pop-along and we’ll be delighted to accept your donation towards the professional expert assistance we need to fight the application.  All unused funds will be donated to The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

Easter Raffle

Thanks to generous donations from local residents and businesses, we’ve some great raffle prizes too, including a limited edition ceramic.  All funds raised support the cause, so we look forward to seeing you there and good luck with the raffle.

You’ve been framed!

Update (19/3/2015)

It seems that Barratt’s contractor is not responding to emails, phone calls and refusing to sign for recorded delivery letters from residents.   We’re following this up and will post further updates here as we get them.  In the meantime, by all means email or write to the contractors but hang onto any cheques until we have clarification on what they’re up to.

Who’d have thought it?  Unprofessional, unscrupulous behaviour from Barratt Homes associates.  Beggars belief! Continue reading

The incredible Barratt traffic scam

I’m astonished that Barratt Homes have lowered themselves to such depths in the name of corporate greed.  You may need to read this a few times before the enormity of it sinks in. Here we go….

One of the big issues standing in the way of planning permission is that of the affected junctions on Longton Road.  So, to brush over inconvenient facts, Barratt Homes have surpassed themselves. There are numerous issues with Barratt’s report, but the biggest whopper stands out from the rest; the misrepresentation of traffic data.

They claim that in 2025 and after accounting for 10 years of traffic growth + traffic growth from the Continue reading