Life in the Meadow

One of the few greenfield spaces in Stoke-on-Trent.

Incredibly, Barratt Homes think the meadow will look better when covered with tarmac and high density housing and they’ve destroyed mature trees and wildlife habitat.

To further their cause the developers have even falsified ecology reports to claim that protected species are not present, then when found-out, have lied about the falsification and the significant impact the development will have, when there is clear and indisputable, and now proven evidence to the contrary.

The developers contempt for wildlife is completely shocking!

12 2 2015 view of field


Diverse range of local residents snapped using the Meadow.

We haven’t captured photos of the water vowls, newts or other stream based wildlife just yet, but Barrett Homes seem to think the destruction of the habitat for these residents is “insignificant”!

Update 2/3/2015

Residents capture more photos of young egrets in the meadow.

22_02_2015 Young Egret  photographed in the Meadow on 22_02_15 22_02_2015 young Egret in flight over the Meadow photographed 22_02_15

Pictured Below: Buzzard, Egret, Bats, Bird of Prey, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Great Tit, Heron, Kestrel, Jays (pair), Rook & Cormorant.

12_02_2015  Buzzard

14_02_2015 Egret walking across the meadow


14_02_2015 Bird of Prey over fields on Chessington Crescent

14_02_2015 Blue Tit in the Hawthorn Bushes

14_02_2015 Bullfinch in the Hawthorn

14_02_2015 Great Tit in the Hawthorn bushes that will be removed should development go ahead

14_02_2015 Heron in the tree

14_02_2015 Kestrel resting in the field


14_02_2015 Rook on the Oak Tree that has a  preservation order

14_02_2015 Visiting Cormorant

14_02_2015 Visiting Egret


One thought on “Life in the Meadow

  1. I am disappointed but not surprised that the inspector has dismissed our case. At the end of the day money talks & the developer has more than the little man in the street. They we live in a democracy but the ruling elite still manage to walk all us. So what if a few peasants get maimed or killed we just don’t matter


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