Inspector grants planning permission

I write this post absolutely stunned that despite 4 years of substantive facts showing that the junction will not work, and the representatives for the Appellant’s constant misrepresentations and lies, the inspector has ignored the application of the law of mathematics in the traffic flow calculations and still granted planning permission.

What can you say!   Click the link below to read the decision.

Appeal Decision – 3204828

Update:  We’re getting a lot of feedback on this and summing it up, it suffices to say that it just shows how tilted in favour of developers, this process is and that it must be acceptable to be dishonest, mislead the Inspector and have your lies taken into consideration in support of the decision.   During the Appeal, KOMG did ask the Inspector if witnesses were considered under oath when giving evidence, however the inspector said no, he just expected them to be honest.  So, they’ve got away with it.  If they’d have been under oath, they’d have been guilty of perjury and could be prosecuted.

I have to say that this kind of decision which beggars belief and flies in the face of the facts, must be why the developers have been so blatantly sloppy and deceitful all along.  They always knew they’d win irrespective of the lies or disregard of public safety.